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TITAN is delighted to present the next step in the evolution of our company in the form of an online booking system for your MOT Test.

Other services are also available to book  and are accessible through visiting  each site individually within the OTHER SERVICES section on the Main Menu Headings at the top of the page.

We have made everything available through one calendar system which is linked in to the Google Calendar system. This all-in-one booking system is currently still under the testing phase although the building has been completed so please bear with us while we finish the Master Calendar and then you will have all bookings available from one area. The button below will in future take you to the Master Calendar but for now will not take you anywhere.so please be patient with us.

Master Calendar booking System

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This is our website for our main Car Sales, this is where you’ll find all of our vehicles together regardless of price. Our range of extra things we do to each of our premium vehicles is unbeaten in our industry.

CAR 500

This website is for our Car Sales for vehicle at a sale price of £500 and under. These cars come with a full MOT and are mechanically sound. There ay be bodywor scrathces or scuffs – hence the crazy low price.

CAR 1000

This website is for our Car Sales for vehicle at a sale price of £1000 and under. We are confident you will not find better cars anywhere with a warranty, full MOT and timing belt changed like on our vehicles.

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