MOT Testing Hours

From October 1st we began testing vehicles on the MOT system from 8am – 10pm  six days per week – excluding only Sundays.

You can call us on 01482 229520 or book using our online calendar system on this site under ‘BOOKING’

We always have great combo deals on too so always check on the pull down menu when booking, so currently we have a special offer of £150 for a Full Service with MOT Test and you get a FREE Carbon Clean Treatment which is normally £95.

If you wish then also a Diagnostic complete check with full printed report can be added also for £15 extra and we also give you free advice and expert knowledge about any vehicle problems you may be having.

We have set up a special system in our workshop which allows us to carry out a vehicle MOT every 30 minutes, this is mainly possible due to us having a second MOT ramp available when needed and this system allows us to also instantly once a MOT Test is complete to be able to quickly price any necessary repairs that would be needed and to be able to carry these out the same day usually.

We have a very comfortable reception where you can wait and view your MOT being carried out. Also we have refreshments available, separate Male and Female customer toilets, TV and Movies, a full size pool table, a selection of 10 of the latest weekly/monthly magazines to read, two computers where you can either work or access the internet, a chess board with relaxing high chairs,two games consoles, both with multiple games on each of them, three arcade style quiz / braingames and finally a couple of sofas and plenty of seating for up to 24 people at any one time.

There is no other reception like ours, not even at a main dealers, this has been provided to make you comfortable should you wish to wait for your vehicle to be repaired making time fly by so quickly you’ll probably not want to leave our reception.

Choose the option ‘WHILE-U-WAIT’ on the top menu for a more complete description of our FAST FIT SERVICE showing also pictures of our reception.

This is a true industry first as we have our own parts supply from our own warehouse so no more waiting for parts to be delivered and we also have our own tyre centre and on-site test and repair facilities for Turbos, Injectors for both Diesel and Petrol, Diesel Pumps, DPF’s as well as our other devices such as Air-Conditioning (both Refrigerants), Nitrogen Leak Testing, Carbon Cleaning (both types), Laser Wheel Alignment, Brake Disc skimming, Advanced Oscilloscope Diagnostics as well as the regular plug-in machines.

Finally i’m proud to announce another local first – we now have our 5-Gas Analysis designed to read in detail the gases coming out of a Diesel car which can help massively with diagnosing any problems.

More about this in the next post…

Take care everyone and look after yourself during these crazy times.